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    Another Dream Come True: In my hand, Rhee-

    Guided by Sephira, I find myself on a boat to a new land. The pull from my dream takes me to an odd, newly constructed guildhall, Fate’s Fortune. Vague as my dreams are at times, I think I am supposed to carry a mildly overweight Halfling child or a very small Elf away from certain death… somewhere nearby.

    Per usual, the Fates align… oh the irony of the guildhall name. I find myself being asked to take on a ‘secret mission’ to eradicate an Evil so dark it killed a ‘small elven’ lass’ parents—well, likely turned them into some stone zombies. I learned one called Thorn (a founder of the guildhall?) is the Protector of this child… and Amy (the elven child) doesn’t want him to know of her plan to eliminate this dark soul. We asked the lass to remain safe in the guildhall while we investigated her claims.

    I set upon this ‘secret mission’ with a crazed scaly barbarian rager, a colorful-linguist roguish archer, and a shifty fella who seems more intent on coin and treasure than anything else.

    On our way, we met up with Kayandra. She is the resident Princess of Flame at the guildhall. I could feel the power resonating within her. No evil there though. She agreed as a guild sister to accompany us.

    I knew we would end up at the town temple/graveyard… and I knew we’d end up in a fight with some hollow-husk stone zombies… but I didn’t know we would find direction to the sewers. I should have guessed the evil in this town would reside there. 3-2-3… or likely be flame-dead husks ourselves.

    While on our way to the sewers, the narcissistic shifty fella approached a street urchin… chubby Halfling child, no less… and convinced this urchin to go to the sewer door and do the knock pattern while we watched–for a silver. I gave the child 2 silver to get lost and live. I didn’t exactly carry the child away from certain death, but it seemed the thing to do. I made a mental note to keep the shifty fella in my mind’s eye at all times. I know the Fates will align soon. They always do.

    Getting into the sewer was the easy part. Eradicating the Evil, not so much. The barbarian rager ended up quite heroically turned to stone. We will likely have to face him as the enemy. I don’t think he is wise enough to weather the necromancers influence. The shifty fella also ended up as a block of stone. Turns out the necromancer is able to manipulate his powers to control a cockatrice(?) to gather victims. Then he raises them into a construct he controls.

    I myself nearly fell to the cockatrice. Thank you, Sephira, for steeling my resolve. Your divine energy restored me to myself. I live on to serve.

    The chubby Halfling followed us into the sewer… turns out, she was actually Amy in disguise. The same Amy that sent us on this mission. Things went way south. I channeled your energy and transformed. Fought the Cockatrice. Endured, just barely, the Evil necromantic spell of yellow goo. Collected the child Amy… and flew her to safety.

    The Fates aligned to the Dream once again. Now… Here I lay comforting Amy. When she wakes I will have a conversation with her… It will go like this:

    “Amy, dear. Will you have the strength to share the events of yesterday with Thorn? Or will I have to do it? As your Protector, he should know. I would want to. By the way Amy, you now have two.” I hope she understands… Thorn must know.


    I owe you a substantial debt Lady Rhee. One I hope you’ll call upon if you ever are in need.

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