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    A finely dressed tiefling sits at a table alone in the tavern. In fact, while the tavern is fairly busy, all of the adjacent tables remain empty. She has an official look about her and wears a heavy black cloak draped over her shoulders comfortably, as though she had done so all her life. Her skin is a dark red and her clothes match. Her tail is curled twice around the leg of her chair.

    She writes in a leather-bound book in deliberate strokes with exquisite penmanship. The book is of superb quality as well. She sips her glass of wine and places three coins absently on the table off to one side.

    No one seems to know who she is or when she arrived. She does not appear dangerous, and those who have spoken to her briefly say she is polite and tips well. Rumor has it she is looking to rent a house and plans to stay in the town indefinitely.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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