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    Eladira Oakleaf of the Summer Court is a nearly 8ft firbolg druid who wears plain brown robes. She has a very distinctive left eye – it is an eye-shaped gemstone mounted into her face with a silver root-like filigree. Eladira is fiercely protective of the guild and Fate’s Crossing. She spends her time helping the common folk and guild members. She considers every guild member a family member.

    Eladira went on her first mission with Duke during the earliest days of the guild, when they were still headquartered in Gilnaeth. They were accompanied by another character who tragically died on the mission.

    As part of this mission, Eladira and Duke found a fully stocked outpost that had all of it’s occupants/owner killed. Using the proceeds from their mission, Duke and Eladira filed paperwork with Gilnaeth and claimed the outpost and the surrounding lands. Duke utilized his funds to build a large guild hall and brewpub, and Eladira used her funds to build a portal to Gilnaeth and an inn attached to the brewpub.

    Eladira was elected onto the initial guild council. She was a guild council member when herself and Kisra Lightfoot planned a heist of Duke’s old bar in Gilnaeth, hoping to both send a message to the new owner, and to recover something of value for Duke. While in the bar, they stumbled upon a black box that compelled Kisra to open it, releasing the black wave and destroying the majority of existing magic items.

    Due to these events, Eladira withdrew herself from the council and subjected herself to a life of servitude for the community of Fate’s Crossing, which was rapidly growing.

    She was re-elected to the council in the following election, and continues to serve as the main liaison between the guild and the people of Fate’s Crossing.

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