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    It felt really good to let my wings out to stretch. It’s been so long. The longer I’m here among mortals the more connected I feel with my true form. I seem to be gaining aspects of my soul trapped away by my father’s curse by defeating evil in this world. This is typical him. I wonder if my love has had similar experiences? I earned my wings by helping a distraught frog who was really a creep. We ended up helping his target of affection more and I got to slap some sense into him. My mother’s teaching helped me to contain my bloods fury and he eventually agreed to work off his debt. My mother would be mostly proud, it may not have been totally pacifist but it did have the outcome she would like.

    The rest of the next day was spent testing our mettle against rogues and bandits. We were attempting to clean up the seedy fight clubs but ended off trying more then we could handle. My mother would bit habe been proud of this, but I’m sure father would love it. There was even hordes of gold! Obviously the end we were forced to forfeit but I think we made the correct impression on the seedy elements. It is a loose end we’ll need to tie up eventually, until them they are only harming themselves and my mother teaches pacifism is a personal choice, not all can choose it. In time they will see the error of their ways as all mortals do.

    For now fates fortune seems to be aligned with my needs as a mortal and I can feel my connection growing with my astral self. I shall stick around to see where it leads me.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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