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    As the trail leads I came to a large hut that had never before been. Softskins bustling around felling trees and constructing more of the sturdy structures. One made of stone sits in the center. The taste of food on the wind, coming from that same building. I know leader must be within, so I left my hunting trail and into the large stone hut. Where a small softskin was ordering several bigger ones to go on a hunt. I thought this was strange, but most of what the soft ones do is. They waved me over to have drink and to join on this hunt. I had no idea what was, but Karif-Toma would not turn down hunt.
    So we walked through stone circle that brought a chill to ones scales. Upon walking through a large village was seen, so tall one could not see more than a few paces before them.
    My eyes had never seen this number of softskins. The hunting party made there way through the masses as we came upon a softskin throwing cloth and pretty stones all around. It said she was board and decided to follow, most do follow Karif-Toma so this was no surprise. We found our way to a shaman who was small and slow of speech. When it asked for gift I presented the skull of my first kill. A gift worth much value, the softskin accepted gift, then threw back in fright. Very rude for shaman. I then went outside to find a large door in ground with small lock. Grabbing handles I gently pulled. The small lock hit ground as door opened. Inside I went finding strange hard softskins. Still, dark, I approach, eye moves and looks at me as claw hits hard scales. This no hurt Karif-Toma but hard-softskin speaks “Join us.” Already in hunting party I hit hard-softskin with club. “Join us!” I say. Hunting party and Karif-Toma kill hard-softskins. We then leave for place with food. When we arrive we find door 3,2,3 knocks, and enter. Karif-Toma goes for door but softskin in much armor gives light to first kill. I enter the black doorway now with light. Warm wind hits scales and carries taste of old meat. Fire bursts in front of Karif-Toma preparing for battle golden princess announces it her fire. Hunting party checks each door, Karif-Toma leading and killing hard-softskins as we move through tunnel. Low voice carried through tunnel tells us to give little smoothskin which makes Karif-Toma very angry. Karif-Toma knows the smoothskins value pack leader as much as the Sarrukh. Large lizard attacks rest of party when Karif-Toma finishes off hard-softskins. He finds many hurt or turned into unmoving hard-softskins. Voice asks again for small smoothskin. I attack lizard beast with no harm. Then it opens its large mouth as if to mock Karif-Toma. Flail useless, as I throw to ground and step onto beasts lower maw and grab with all strength upper maw, I bend beast in half as I bite monster ripping eye out as it squeals and falls limp in Karif-Tomas grip. Party leaving, this must be the prey. I chace party, prey in hand. I look down, Karif-Toma only want skull. I pull out of skin, when cold hits Karif-Toma from behind… Dark…
    Karif-Toma wakes to Laughing Mask in front and Frightful softskin at his side. Laughing Mask offers “Ultimate Power!” Laughing Mask takes off mask which I see skull, it speaks funny words, then Karif-Toma and Frightful softskin laugh at not so funny words. Karif-Toma no like Mask, Karif-Toma kill Mask and take skull, take ultimate power… Dark…


    Outstanding, I love the point of view from the true hunters of the world.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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