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    At first glance, Leaf on the Wind is a young (16), mottled brown Tabaxi. His most notable feature is a jagged scar that runs diagonally from the bottom left cheek, across his face, and over his scalp. Though those with keen eyes can spot the small collection of knives secreted around his person.

    Leaf is quite open about about his previous work in Gilnaeth as a member of a the Guild of Scribes and credits his original Clan, the Nine Valleys, with his training as a rogue. If pressed, Leaf is frank about his discomfort with providing details about his Clan or training, but does his best to be friendly when asked.

    Leaf is open about his belief that Fate’s Fortune is his Clan. He is willing to put the Guild above just about anything and if you look closely in his eyes you can see the dark determination behind his words.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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