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    A six foot tall Lizardman wearing leather and bone clothing and holding a staff made of bones and teeth approaches the guild hall. He is flanked by two other Lizardfolk: a larger, muscular man with a bone spear and leathery shield strapped to his back, carrying a large, lumpy bag; and a smaller woman carrying three books. He greets the person who opens the door to the guild hall.

    “It is morning. I am Throden and I speak for the Riverfolk tribe. This one is Kothar and this one is Othokent,” gesturing to the male and female Lizardfolk, respectively.

    “Chief Achuak sends me to speak for the tribe. The Riverfolk want to ally with this town and to trade. The river is our home and we protect it.”

    Throden gestures to Kothar who sets the bag down, opens it, and produces a small, severed, blue skinned head—a xvart. There appear to be several similar-sized objects remaining in the bag.

    “Tiny blue soft ones are many. They steal from Riverfolk. Now are fewer. They steal from town too. We catch these stealing cows. Cows returned. These we give you.”

    Kothar steps back leaving the bag, and Othokent steps forward.

    “These books,” Throden continues, “we give you. One written, two found. This is the whole book pile of the Riverfolk. Chief Achuak want to know more about books. I teach him to read. These books are read and I want to read more. Teach Achuak more. Chief becomes stronger. Tribe becomes stronger.”

    Othokent steps back and leaves the books.

    “I want to stay. Live in town. Teach and learn from soft skins. Ally with town. Kothar and Othokent return home.”

    Throden gestures to the door to the guild hall, “Can I enter? Talk about allies?”


    Thorn studies the group for a minute silently.

    “Of course, pleases come, sit.” he gestures to a bench and table.

    “Our leadership is a council of five.” I’m certain they would all be very interested to hear this proposal. In the meanwhile consider yourselves honored guests here with all the protections of Fates Fortune. We only ask you act in accordance with civil society and neither attack not harass the other patrons.”

    Thorn sends a bar made to notify the other members of the council, asking them to meet on the roof and asks for food and drink to be brought to the table.

    “Dear favored guests, I must briefly leave you to attend to a time sensitive matter. Until I return help yourself to this food and drink.”


    “Thank you Thorn, summer-smelling one. We sit and eat and wait for your return.”

    The Lizardfolk enter. Throden and Othokent each sit at the table while Kothar stands by the door holding the large bag of heads, patiently looking around the room. Once Thorn takes his leave, they begin conversing in Draconic.

    “Their leaders convene their meetings in the sun, among the elements.” Othokent begins, “Perhaps they will understand our culture better than the last group.”

    “Perhaps,” Kothar interrupts, “but they left us unguarded in their sanctuary and they are bringing us food. I will inspect the food, of course, but they are either unwise or very trusting. Are these the kinds of allies we want? Are we not better on our own? We have already spent resources defending their farms from the blue soft ones. What could they offer to benefit the tribe’s survival?”

    “Knowledge.” Throden began. “We knew nothing of Softscale and we were unprepared to deal with it. It claimed almost half of the lives of the tribes before it was contained. And we still don’t know the source or…”

    Throden is interrupted by someone entering the room with food and drink. He nods and thanks the person as Kothar approaches the table to inspect the food.

    “This town has resources that differ from ours,” Throden continues in Draconic. “They have books and trained healers. I could learn from them. Bring that knowledge back to the tribe so we are better prepared.”

    “The food is fine,” Kothar interrupts, “the plants are fresh but the meat is over cooked.”

    “I think it is important to talk to their counsel and learn more about the town,” Othokent interjects. “They live along the river and they could be just as helpful as harmful to us. We won’t know more until we talk with them.”

    “Wise counsel, Othokent.” Throden replies, taking a bite of the chicken on his plate. “You are growing into your role as shaman quite well. Let us wait and see, shall we?”

    The trio eats and drinks in relative silence from that point, Kothar joining the other two at the table.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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