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    Please follow the following format:
    DM: <Name>
    Levels suggested: <#>
    Estimated # of sessions to complete: <#>
    Mission board posting:
    This is where you type your hook for adventures. The hint of treasure does well to draw in stupid… I mean gullible, uh. I mean, courageous adventurers.


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    DM: Sir Paul of the land of STOKEY
    Levels suggested: <ANY> 🙂
    Estimated sessions: <1>

    Heir to a “Throne”

    “Fates Fortune has just come to my attention! As it happens I am old, like really really old. So old I remember the touch of a Human woman. But try as hard as I could, I never achieved heirs to my vast Fortune. So! To remedy this I have devised a series of tests, only 6 in number, that will show through my true heir, or heirs. If there are more then one I expect you to SHARE it! Please come to the corners of 63rd and Wallace street in the downtown area. Knock on the door 3 times and you will be allowed entrance. Failure is expected, so have no fear of death! I wish no ill will, just an heir!”

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    DM: Josh
    Levels 1-3
    # Sessions 1

    Come gather round ye lads and lasses and join us on a most honorable and worthy seafaring excursion! There has yet to be a reliable mapping of this quarter of the coastline. I see fit to fix that and sell the maps. With a little luck and some stout heroes to protect us we should be able to accomplish the task in a week at most. So, if you’re of the adventuring type and want to earn some easy coin on the high seas then come to the docks and look for the Dark Horse. I’ll be waiting there to take you aboard.

    Signed: Captain John Greenbeard


    DM: Josh
    Levels suggested: 3-4
    # Sessions 1

    I need some of them there beta testers for my new business, races of the land and sky. If you can beat my obstacle courses it’ll be darn well worth some gold. Beat my record time you might even win a special prize! If you’re interested come to the wooden tower on the northern coast.

    Angelo Hargrave


    DM: Josh
    Levels suggested: 4-6
    # Sessions 1-2

    An elegantly penned letter is slid under the door of the attending characters.

    I have watched your actions carefully and believe we may be able to work together. There is a heist I’m setting up that requires “loose” morals and requires someone with your skill set. I won’t say more about the job. If you want in meet me at the orchard, in the storage barn tomorrow night at midnight.



    DM: Travis
    Levels: 2-4
    Estimated Sessions: 1

    A Desperate Plea

    “Gallant heroes of Fate’s Fortune my home village of Mountain’s Rest is in desperate need of your aid. A renegade band of humans has taken up residence in the hills surrounding us. They have us completely at their mercy. We are mostly farmers and merchants not warriors or mages. We can pay well, and we might even have a few magical items to add to the pay. We desperately need these fiend out of our lives. I have taken a room at the Inn, my name is Glynnan if you wish to ask about any other details. Please please please help us.”


    DM: Paul the Magnificent
    Level: 3-6
    # Sessions: 2-4

    Saga of the Dragon Cult (Cont.)

    Noble Heroes,

    This letter is to be delivered to your hands by my agent, Lady Marwyn. Your recent expedition has drawn the notice of many – some that would conspire to do evil against the empire.
    If you would cast your lot with those who stand against the forces of Chaos; if you would stand as a champion of the weak and innocent, and visit violence against the wicked, meet with my agent at the Watchful Wyvern tavern in Hadler’s Gap. You will know my servant by a silver rose.

    And if you would instead side with the corrupt, the tyrannous, the wicked and the cowardly, you will know my everlasting enmity.

    Captain Sentri,
    Master of the Sable March and General of the Seven Armies


    DM: Travis (or honestly anyone who wants to)
    Level 1-3 or 4-6
    # Sessions: 1 (Repeatable)

    Survey of the Surrounding Lands

    Fellow Members of Fate’s Fortune

    We are all aware of the dangers of wilderness that surround our new home. However, recent events have demonstrated that there may be a hidden deposits of materials for expanding our guild’s base of operations or providing us with high quality crafting materials. Since we of the guild are hoping to attach new members, I propose a survey of the surrounding lands both to eliminate threats and to search out these potential boons.


    Leaf on the Wind
    Council of Five


    DM: Ron
    Levels: 1 (First and ONLY First)
    # Sessions: 1 (additional episodes coming in future at various levels)

    The Key is The Key

    Mission board posting:
    (not posted, this is roleplayed)

    Narrator: As you are sitting around one of the large tables in Duke’s Bar planning a patrol, in the door walks a hunchbacked dwarfed half-orc (think a height-challenged Quasimodo orc type). She has clutched in her arms a bundle of dirty cloth wrapped about something(s). She looks about, her eyes resting upon you for a moment. She stumbles forward, tripping just as she gets to you. She falls to the floor with a thump–her limbs all akimbo. She looks up at the adventurers, “Have I finally discovered Fate’s Fortune? My master bid me seek you out for a rewarding endeavor.” She speaks slowly in a very scratchy voice, yet rather intelligently. Her clothes are tattered and worn… and quite simple.

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