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    Dear Diary:
    I was looking for some new clothes in town today. They were so bland… the whole lot of them. I really need to open up my fashion shop. Anyway, some newbies who claim to be “Heroes” were on a “secret mission” that Amy sent them on. I was bored so I was like what the heck, and went along with. We went to this dungeon that had this guy who talked really slow. I tuned him out within seconds of being in there.
    One of the newbies, the big dumb lizard man decided to break into a section of the dungeon revealing some stone creatures. I’m pretty sure this was some sort of necromancer magic. I stood back and watched for a while trying to inspire the battle. It worked .
    We then went to another dungeon that you had to knock appropriately as it was a trap door. It smelled horrid inside. To the right were more of these stone experiments and then to the left … Then up ahead… The whole thing was a prison full of experiments.
    I finally got the courage to walk in and the door shut behind me. The ground was gooie but I tried to convince myself it was not. I turned around and this dumb chubby Amy is standing right behind us. Stupid girl, I’m really going to have a chat with Thorn about her actions tonight. This turned into quite an ongoing battle. For some reason this necromancer wanted Amy and we needed to get her out of there. Turns out; some of these self-proclaimed heroes were far from it as they were essentially useless. Left two of the mammering clay-brained harpies in there as Rock Statues. Next time, I will think twice about following noobs around due to being bored.
    Come to think of it I should have taken one to be used as a manikin for my fashion store.
    Signing out,
    Princess Firebranch



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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