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    Thorn Summerwind is an Eladrim, a race of elf from the feywild. Eladrin are so closely tied to the fey world that their appearance changes with the seasons. Thorn cimes from the Summer Court, a royal set of fey creatures whose power is directly tied to the season itself. Although Thorn hasn’t expressly explained how he came to be on the mortal plane, he has made it clear he misses the Summer Court. Thorn tries to lead when their is a need in Fates Fortune. He fights with words as effectively as he does with his silver rapier. Thorn has an adipted daughter, Amy, that he helped save from zombies early on in the campain (see npc). Thorn believes in protecting and improving his guild and investments as his #1 priorities.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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