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    A haggard group of 50 or more people approach the town—mostly humans, halflings, and a few dragonborn—with a peculiar individual at their fore.

    A goblin, older and taller than most goblins one might encounter, walks several feet out in front of the group. He wears ill-fitting leather armor, has a scimitar slung across his back, and he is missing his left arm at the shoulder. Running around his feet is a weasel who appears to be interested in every new sight and smell around.

    The entire group looks exhausted, as though if they had not encountered the town, they might just continue trudging in this direction until they all collapsed.

    The goblin calls a halt, and a chorus of sighs and grunts rolls through the area. He looks around and approaches what seems to be the first person who has any semblance of authority. He speaks:

    “Excuse men good fellow, where might a group of tired refugees like us find a hot meal and a warm bed? I have coin enough for all of us and I am willing to pay a bit extra if you don’t mind the humans in our group. We are all hungry and tired and our village exploded not long ago and, well, there’s not much more to the story than that.”

    The weasel runs up the goblin’s leg, climbs his back, and perches on his shoulder, as though seeking to join the conversation.

    “I am Titus,” the goblin says, then gestures to the weasel, “and this is Peanut Butter. We are all that is left of a handful of communities from around here. We’d like to settle here and do our part to contribute, but if that’s not to your liking, please allow us to bed for the night and purchase provisions and we will be on our way once more.”

    Upon initial inspection, Titus carries himself as someone who is competent with the sword at his back, but the worn book and flask of alchemist’s fire at his hip are curious. He walks and speaks confidently and eloquently, as though he had been taught how to do so. It is evident that this is not a typical goblin.


    A red dragonborn in white robes smiles at the goblin “you do the good works of Sollux friend. Most of you are very welcome. The humans may cause some issues though. I am a member of Fates Fortune, my name is Cherry. I would encourage you to hide the humans as best you can. Unfair as it may be they will bring great pain to this growing town if theyre noticed. There are even those in the guild that will arrest them on sight. Be wary good sir. If I can help thougg I will, I will see to any healing you need. Just let me know.


    Titus nods to Cherry, sighs heavily, and pinches the bridge of his nose.

    “Thank you for your offer and for your warning. It is as I suspected.” Titus pauses and looks back over his shoulder.

    “These humans are my family. They raised me as their own, fed me, taught me skills, and for some reason chose me as their leader. There are only 18 left and all but one of the children has perished from our travel. I gave my arm defending them and I would gladly give my life for them.”

    Titus sighs again, allowing his voice to soften. “I will not abandon them. If you say they are not safe here, we will purchase provisions and press on. I have not known the ugliness that so many see in them. I have only seen their kindness. I have more disdain for the goblinoids who sacked our home or the elves who sent them to do it. Those halflings you see behind me took us into their fishing village and we knew peace for some time, but even that was short lived.”

    Peanut Butter climbs down from Titus’s shoulder and into his backpack. Crunching sounds can be heard.

    “We have some injured. Mostly bumps and bruises from travel. A Dragonborn paladin fixed us up a couple days ago before resuming whatever quest she was on about. The injured are in the wagon at the back of the group. Thank you for your personal kindness. I am happy to pay you for your services. I will find the marketplace on my own and we will be out of the town by sundown. I don’t want our humans to cause you any grief.”

    Titus begins to walk away before a reply can be made, but pauses mid-step, turns, and faces Cherry once more.

    “This town has promise. I can see the construction and the diversity of races is apparent. For what it is worth, many of the humans are skilled tradespeople. We have a family of masons—they’re the ones with the young child—a pair of carpenter brothers with as many apprentices, a blacksmith with the strongest work ethic I’ve ever seen, and two horse trainers. The rest would make fine unskilled laborers. Together, years ago, they built and maintained a keep.

    “It looks like this town could use a few more hands around here. I’ll ask around to see if the halflings and dragonborn would like to stay behind. They’re all fisherfolk from the north coast. I will certainly miss their fish fries, but if this is a safe home for them, then it is good fortune for them, and it’s fewer mouths for us to feed on the road ahead. Thank you again.”

    Titus returns to the waiting group of weary travelers. A young child of about 6 years runs out to greet him. “What did the nice dragon lady tell you, Trollslayer? Can we stay? I can smell bread. Mommy says I can have some if I’m good.”


    After a few moments of conversation, Titus returns to Cherry, who had not yet left.

    “You said it is best to hide our humans for their safety. What do you suggest? Our travels have been hard and we need to rest. We need somewhere to settle.”

    Titus pauses, sighs, and continues.

    “This place has promise and we could do good work here. Become part of the community. I am not happy about the prospects of hiding, but I understand the world sees the humans differently than I do. How do I keep them safe here? If we were to stay, how do I protect them? How do I guard against someone coming and snatching my family off the street while they are out buying bread…or worse…?”

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