Service of the following hirelings may be retained at their listed cost per day.

  • Unskilled hirelings: have no special skills to speak of, though they can clean, cook passably, and keep a structure cared for in ways that do not require a particular skillset.
  • Skilled hirelings: each come trained in a particular skill or set of tools, and make checks with this skill or set of tools with a +5 bonus that is considered to include both their proficiency bonus and relevant ability modifiers. You deter¬≠mine the skill or tool proficiency the hireling has at the time you first hire them.
  • Slaves: may only be owned by Evil characters, may be skilled or unskilled, and require no pay. Slaves may or may not be available for purchase, and are typically worth 7 5 gp for an unskilled slave or 750 gp for a slave proficient in a skill.