Shield of Expressive Force


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Verry Rare, attuned

The front of this shield is shaped in the likeness of a face. While attuned to this shield, at the beginning of your turn roll a d6 if 5 or 6 the next attack that hits you has an effect. Roll on the table below.

Roll a D8

You are unaffected by these spells but your allies are affected.

  1. Fear: The face appears frightened. **As if the attacker was affected by the Fear spell (239 PHB)**
  2. Anger: An angry grimace shows uppon the shield. **As if casting the Thunderwave spell (282 PHB)**
  3. Sadness: A tear falls down its face as it droops into a frown. **As if casting Sleet Storm centered on the attacker (276 PHB)**
  4. Joy: A wide grin upon the shields face. **As if casting Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on the attacker (280 PHB)**
  5. Disgust: The face turns to a sneer. **As if casting Hunger of Hadar on the attacker (251 PHB)
  6. Surprise: eyes wide and mouth open. **The spell Misty Step (260 PHB) if you move out of range of the attacker you avoid being hit**
  7. Trust: A small half-grin and raised eyebrow upon it’s face. **The attacker stops attacking you and believes you are its only friend for one round until the end of your next turn**
  8. Anticipation: a wide grin with two raised brows. **The earth begins to quake, at the start of your next turn a fissure opens from you to your attacker a 50 ft deep crack opens everyone from you to the attacker must make a dex save of 17 if failed fall and take 5d6 fall damage. If pass they safely jump out of the way.**