Monthly Arena Champion

Monthly Arena Champ December
  • December  - Arena Duo's: Cressida (Margaret), Bird (Josh) Animal Race: Umeric (Travis)
  • November - Lauthi (Travis)
  • October     - Thorn Summerwind (Josh)


Items on Agenda


Automated town productivity, resource, population system Setting up a system for settlers in the towns to populate and find jobs based on player intervention and interaction within the town.
Reputation system Creating a reputation between players and different entities within the world to include but not limited to (Gods, Factions, Guilds, Towns, NPC's)
Automated world calendar I want to create a world calendar that will update with input from me and the dms, basically we will go put in info at the end of the session place how much time had passed and it will update with notes attached
Reopening player businesses Player businesses will begin to make money again, but not as substantially as they once did.
Trade I will be creating a trade system between npc towns, guilds, and factions
Gods What we want to do is have the players create Gods for everyone to interact with. Once we have enough we will open a God channel, where they can interact without the knowledge of the PC's. We will also stat the gods out as CR25-35 (Most will be at the lower end of this). Ontop of that I will be creating an automated worshipping system, not only will the players dictate a gods powers, but so will npcs.
Resource upkeep and management Refinement for the PC's and NPC's in gaining resources
Faeris Map Create Map
Haven Map Create Map
Zoom in world map w/ Fog of war to show where players have traveled. This is probably the most difficult and farthest out, but something I would like to address eventually
Recode entire website I plan to recode the entire website to be cleaner and more useable. This will slowly happen over time.
New user prifiles to include character, money, items, exp, etc This will come with the recoding of the website as I move away from the current system it is using
Guild systems There aren't any other guilds currently in our system but they are supposed to be part of the world I will be integrating as soon as I have time to do so
Add factions Options!
New races In a new world comes new races!
Integrate discord into the website I just found out this is something I can do and will probably happen sooner than later after I address more important matters


Character Posts

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By | March 12, 2021

sdfgsdfg wert wert7838 42695


By Eliza | March 17, 2020

Full figured with long black hair and a bit of an attitude, this half elven bard cares very little about what you think of her and will have a lot of fun egging you on with whatever trait of hers you don’t like.


By medison91 | October 24, 2019

Minalde is a 5′, 100lb human girl, approximately 17 years old. She has thick, black, wavy hair and colorless grey eyes. Minalde wears no armor, just comfortable, well fitted grey clothing with a dagger at her side, and a brooch of a songbird with silver wings. She lives in Faeris at the Knight’s Hall.

Eladira Oakleaf

By medison91 | October 24, 2019

Eladira Oakleaf of the Summer Court is a nearly 8ft firbolg druid who wears plain brown robes. She has a very distinctive left eye – it is an eye-shaped gemstone mounted into her face with a silver root-like filigree. Eladira is fiercely protective of the guild and Fate’s Crossing. She spends her time helping the…


By Aunax | August 20, 2019

Balefire We have met with the witch queen. Our ruse is a success. The foul queen has consented to our demand. The first shipment of the enchanted blades will be arriving soon for your inspection before being shipped east as ordered. When the mighty wyrm arrives he will have a suitable army to serve his…

Mission Board Where Everyone Comes to get a mission!

By Aunax | August 20, 2019

Please follow the following format: DM: <Name> Levels suggested: <#> Estimated # of sessions to complete: <#> Mission board posting: This is where you type your hook for adventures. The hint of treasure does well to draw in stupid… I mean gullible, uh. I mean, courageous adventurers. :: REPLY TO POST MISSIONS ::

Hakkin's recap

By Aunax | August 20, 2019

It felt really good to let my wings out to stretch. It’s been so long. The longer I’m here among mortals the more connected I feel with my true form. I seem to be gaining aspects of my soul trapped away by my father’s curse by defeating evil in this world. This is typical him.…

Lizard Neighbors

By | August 19, 2019

A six foot tall Lizardman wearing leather and bone clothing and holding a staff made of bones and teeth approaches the guild hall. He is flanked by two other Lizardfolk: a larger, muscular man with a bone spear and leathery shield strapped to his back, carrying a large, lumpy bag; and a smaller woman carrying…

Arrakk Kundarak

By | August 19, 2019

A boisterous, tattooed dwarf with a long beard sets up a merchant stall in the market place. Among his wares are locks, keys, lock boxes, numerous clocks, and other fine—if mundane—metal and mechanical wares. “Aye, greetings. The name’s Arrakk [pronounced “are-ack”] Kundarak [rhymes] and this is my shop. Well, my stall. I don’t have a…


By | August 19, 2019

A finely dressed tiefling sits at a table alone in the tavern. In fact, while the tavern is fairly busy, all of the adjacent tables remain empty. She has an official look about her and wears a heavy black cloak draped over her shoulders comfortably, as though she had done so all her life. Her…



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