Monthly Arena Champion

Monthly Arena Champ December
  • December  - Arena Duo's: Cressida (Margaret), Bird (Josh) Animal Race: Umeric (Travis)
  • November - Lauthi (Travis)
  • October     - Thorn Summerwind (Josh)


Items on Agenda


Automated town productivity, resource, population system Setting up a system for settlers in the towns to populate and find jobs based on player intervention and interaction within the town.
Reputation system Creating a reputation between players and different entities within the world to include but not limited to (Gods, Factions, Guilds, Towns, NPC's)
Automated world calendar I want to create a world calendar that will update with input from me and the dms, basically we will go put in info at the end of the session place how much time had passed and it will update with notes attached
Reopening player businesses Player businesses will begin to make money again, but not as substantially as they once did.
Trade I will be creating a trade system between npc towns, guilds, and factions
Gods What we want to do is have the players create Gods for everyone to interact with. Once we have enough we will open a God channel, where they can interact without the knowledge of the PC's. We will also stat the gods out as CR25-35 (Most will be at the lower end of this). Ontop of that I will be creating an automated worshipping system, not only will the players dictate a gods powers, but so will npcs.
Resource upkeep and management Refinement for the PC's and NPC's in gaining resources
Faeris Map Create Map
Haven Map Create Map
Zoom in world map w/ Fog of war to show where players have traveled. This is probably the most difficult and farthest out, but something I would like to address eventually
Recode entire website I plan to recode the entire website to be cleaner and more useable. This will slowly happen over time.
New user prifiles to include character, money, items, exp, etc This will come with the recoding of the website as I move away from the current system it is using
Guild systems There aren't any other guilds currently in our system but they are supposed to be part of the world I will be integrating as soon as I have time to do so
Add factions Options!
New races In a new world comes new races!
Integrate discord into the website I just found out this is something I can do and will probably happen sooner than later after I address more important matters


Character Posts

Stupid Noobs

By Fritz | July 30, 2019

Dear Diary: I was looking for some new clothes in town today. They were so bland… the whole lot of them. I really need to open up my fashion shop. Anyway, some newbies who claim to be “Heroes” were on a “secret mission” that Amy sent them on. I was bored so I was like…

Tumaal's Shawdow — Learn Some Humans Seemingly Unwise

By Ron | July 14, 2019

written in Abyssal in Tumaal’s Shadow | *written in Common in Tumaal’s Shadow* *1205 – Some Humans Seemingly Unwise* ________ … my inside voice telling me rescue caged ones and send captors to next plane. *Elfie* (*Bard* of tiny renown), the *Roguish* elf (no learn name), and we were commissioned to destroy evil human *Red…

Tumaal's Shadow: Learning to Hunt Demons

By Ron | July 10, 2019

written in Abyssal in Tumaal’s Shadow | *written in Common in Tumaal’s Shadow* ________ *1205 – Learn to Hunt Demons* Today fate provided us a group of *Adventurers* to learn from. Keep these lessons learned close. Maybe if we get enough knowledge, we may uncover what is required. We must write small. 1. Met a…

Lets apply some light to this fog of war

By Thorn | July 10, 2019

A clean, crisp paper with smooth elegant writing is posted in the guild hall. It reads as follows: Guildmates, Its Thorn Summerwind. Since we’re all busy raising the prestige of Fates Fortune it seems like it’s impossible to get us all in the same room. I thought I would leave this message so we could…

Thorn's recap of the Wendigo hunt

By Thorn | July 10, 2019

Thorn walked into the guild hall and tossed a coin to Duke while he scooped up a beer as he walked past. He went to his room and gave the codeword to Amy. Amy unlocked the door and Thorn entered. He took his armor off and began cleaning it as he began explaining what had…

The Wind ego and Mount Mansion

By Fritz | July 10, 2019

Dear Diary, I went out with the group again to see if I could find the source of the Windego. It was weird last night in my sleep I remembered a bunch of stuff about the Windego. I have encountered them before but, I ran of course because I was on my own. Anyway, we…

Windigo Hunting

By SayenaSaphrina | July 10, 2019

So after sailing to Fate’s Fortune ( I still love that I can say I am a pirate, a pirate pixie no less) and seeing the new bar and the town, Thorn, Cher and I were talking at a table when that pesky damn dwarf came around. I warned him that I was not done.…

A Tale of Water: Calyssia's Side of the Story

By SayenaSaphrina | July 9, 2019

I needed more money to help the orphanage before it was closed down. No one ever cares about the orphans. On the street I overheard about a group that was looking for adventurers and went to Duke’s bar to check it out. I started to speak to another Fey named Thorn and while we were…

The official and very important journal of Damn Noisy Bird

By Thorn | July 8, 2019

The official and very important journal of Damn Noisy Bird After meeting the team of humanoids I would be working with a haphazard meeting was called to order. There was a ridiculous argument over whether we should go eat pies or kill gnolls ,which is somewhat odd to me since they are humanoids as well.…

Trolls eating Gnolls and People eating Trolls

By Fritz | July 8, 2019

Dear Diary, It’s been so long since I’ve been able to write. I found that I’ve been stuck in that dungeon for over five years now. How crazy is that? Any who, I went to Dukes Bar to see if anyone from the past is still around and the bartender sent me to this new…



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