Monthly Arena Champion

Monthly Arena Champ December
  • December  - Arena Duo's: Cressida (Margaret), Bird (Josh) Animal Race: Umeric (Travis)
  • November - Lauthi (Travis)
  • October     - Thorn Summerwind (Josh)


Items on Agenda


Automated town productivity, resource, population system Setting up a system for settlers in the towns to populate and find jobs based on player intervention and interaction within the town.
Reputation system Creating a reputation between players and different entities within the world to include but not limited to (Gods, Factions, Guilds, Towns, NPC's)
Automated world calendar I want to create a world calendar that will update with input from me and the dms, basically we will go put in info at the end of the session place how much time had passed and it will update with notes attached
Reopening player businesses Player businesses will begin to make money again, but not as substantially as they once did.
Trade I will be creating a trade system between npc towns, guilds, and factions
Gods What we want to do is have the players create Gods for everyone to interact with. Once we have enough we will open a God channel, where they can interact without the knowledge of the PC's. We will also stat the gods out as CR25-35 (Most will be at the lower end of this). Ontop of that I will be creating an automated worshipping system, not only will the players dictate a gods powers, but so will npcs.
Resource upkeep and management Refinement for the PC's and NPC's in gaining resources
Faeris Map Create Map
Haven Map Create Map
Zoom in world map w/ Fog of war to show where players have traveled. This is probably the most difficult and farthest out, but something I would like to address eventually
Recode entire website I plan to recode the entire website to be cleaner and more useable. This will slowly happen over time.
New user prifiles to include character, money, items, exp, etc This will come with the recoding of the website as I move away from the current system it is using
Guild systems There aren't any other guilds currently in our system but they are supposed to be part of the world I will be integrating as soon as I have time to do so
Add factions Options!
New races In a new world comes new races!
Integrate discord into the website I just found out this is something I can do and will probably happen sooner than later after I address more important matters


Character Posts


By | August 19, 2019

A haggard group of 50 or more people approach the town—mostly humans, halflings, and a few dragonborn—with a peculiar individual at their fore. A goblin, older and taller than most goblins one might encounter, walks several feet out in front of the group. He wears ill-fitting leather armor, has a scimitar slung across his back,…

Lauthi Chainbreaker

By Tsuyoi | August 18, 2019

Lauthi has a large and commanding presence. Though, this may be more the result of him being close to 8 feet tall and usually being dressed in shining, well-oiled armor or a fastidiously cleaned uniform. His skin is tanned yet pale and he bare scalp is tattooed with three blue lines that go down the…

Leaf on the Wind

By Tsuyoi | August 18, 2019

At first glance, Leaf on the Wind is a young (16), mottled brown Tabaxi. His most notable feature is a jagged scar that runs diagonally from the bottom left cheek, across his face, and over his scalp. Though those with keen eyes can spot the small collection of knives secreted around his person. Leaf is…

Hakkin no Namida

By Aunax | August 18, 2019

The first time we kissed I knew. He had lived another life, was strong and wise and very proud. But I knew it was love. He had lived and loved an entire lifetime but I think it was his first true love as well. It was forbidden we both knew it. He was an advisor…

A Call to Meet

By Ron | August 18, 2019

Friends- It is time we meet to introduce the Council of Five. There are many items we could place on an agenda for this meet, as well. A suggestion to ponder for inclusion: –a map of our immediate area could be developed. Something of a sketch, until we have time to have a Cartographer do…

Thorn Summerwind

By Thorn | August 9, 2019

Thorn Summerwind is an Eladrim, a race of elf from the feywild. Eladrin are so closely tied to the fey world that their appearance changes with the seasons. Thorn cimes from the Summer Court, a royal set of fey creatures whose power is directly tied to the season itself. Although Thorn hasn’t expressly explained how…

Grigor- First Mate of Thorns Rose

By Thorn | August 6, 2019

Grigor is a capable half elf who has been running the day to day of the Thorns Rose. He oversees 24 other crew who run the merchant ship.

Treasure from the trial dungeon so far:

By Thorn | August 5, 2019

-1 “Fancy” short sword, gems in the hilt -2 sunrods -2 scrolls of poetry (long forgotten goddess) -2 potions greater healing -2 potions healing, one went to Red/ one went to Belator -3 sets studded leather -1 light crossbow with 20 bolts, went to Red -4 battle axes -1 +1 quarterstaff, went to Tumaal -1…

Another Dream Come True: In my hand, Rhee-

By Ron | August 2, 2019

Another Dream Come True: In my hand, Rhee- Guided by Sephira, I find myself on a boat to a new land. The pull from my dream takes me to an odd, newly constructed guildhall, Fate’s Fortune. Vague as my dreams are at times, I think I am supposed to carry a mildly overweight Halfling child…

Karif-Toma: A Small One Leads

By Creatumbellatore | August 1, 2019

As the trail leads I came to a large hut that had never before been. Softskins bustling around felling trees and constructing more of the sturdy structures. One made of stone sits in the center. The taste of food on the wind, coming from that same building. I know leader must be within, so I…



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